Fundraising Strategy

A fundraising strategy is a vital tool for any organisation that wants to develop a planned approach to income generation. A good fundraising strategy will enable your organisation to plan for long tern sustainability and to allocate resources appropriately. A fundraising strategy will help you to:

  • Review your current financial position
  • Assess your fundraising capacity and skills
  • Decide who in your organisation is responsible for fundraising
  • Think creatively about how you want to fundraise
  • Focus on your immediate and long term financial goals
  • Identify donor or grant giving prospects

A fundraising strategy will also help you to answer that thorny question posed by many funders: how will you continue to support this project once your grant ends?

Think Funding has extensive experience of developing whole organisational fundraising strategies covering public and private sector income development activity. We can help you review your existing plan or create a new one that will help you to maximize your chances of success. We will help you to undertake a needs analysis and to plan strategically, to set appropriate goals and financial targets and help you to source funds and develop new ideas for income generation.

Want help with reviewing your existing fundraising strategy? Want to develop a new fundraising plan? Contact Think Funding.