Bid Writing

Competing for finite sources of funding is becoming increasingly difficult. More and more funders are reporting over subscription to their grant programmes and presently there is simply less money around. Maximising your chances of getting the money you need to deliver the project you want is therefore absolutely critical in a competitive environment.

For many organisations, bid writing can be an onerous task and is very often left to the “unwilling volunteer” or given to the hard pressed member of staff who has other important duties. Increasingly the amount of space funders give in their application forms to enable you to describe your project ideas is growing ever smaller. The ability to be able to describe your objectives and plans succinctly, and in a winning style, is therefore absolutely critical to your chances of success.

At Think Funding we believe we have the tools to help you. With a successful track record  across a wide range of national and international programmes (including European Union funds such as ESF and ERDF, national regeneration programmes including YPLA, SRB, WNF and RDA Single Pot as well as Big Lottery, Trust and Foundation, major donor and corporate fundraising), Think Funding can offer a comprehensive bid writing service tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Increasingly, funders see your bid as the culmination of a longer term development process based on an assessment of identified need and work with your proposed target group. Funders want your service users to be part of the development and planning process of your bid. Think Funding can help you get this element of your proposal right. We can work with you and your service users to help shape the project development process to provide what funders are looking for.

Think Funding can offer a full drafting service with expertly written PQQs, ITTs and funding applications. We can also review work that you’ve completed prior to submission.

We’ll also help you to develop charity of the year proposals and corporate social responsibility presentations.

Depending on the size of the client, sometimes we will offer a “no win, no fee” solution which means you won’t lose out financially at the outset. For larger organisations and proposals involving development work and planning, we will negotiate a fee.

Want help with bid writing? Contact Think Funding.